Sessions organization

  1. Introductive plenary session
  2. Aside from the opening talk, this first session aims:
    • to deliver information on the EuroVR founding progress;
    • to provide a large vision of the future for the VR/VE domain by 1 invited keynote speaker;
    • to briefly present some researches in progress at CNRS/LIMSI in the VR&MR field;
    • to launch the EuroVR-EVE meeting (Programs, objectives, and chairmen of each workshop - Program and organisation of the EVE demo sessions - Schedule of the evening, etc.)
  3. Workshops: goals and topics
  4. Each workshop session is focusing on a specific VR/VE thematic which could become a Special Interest Group (SIG) of EuroVR. The goals of these workshops are double:
    • on the one hand, to exchange up-to-date scientific and technical information with people concerned within the European VR/VE community;
    • on the other hand, to discuss any issue regarding the animation of the community (SIG proposal, European and national calls, project proposals, research-industry collaborations...).
    From an informal analysis of the possible SIGs of EuroVR started by some members of the Executive Board of EuroVR, and based on research focuses of the CNRS/LIMSI, three thematic workshops are proposed:
    • Workshop 1 "VR/VE for Experiences and Life sciences"
    • Workshop 2 "VR/VE technologies, User needs & Evaluation"
    • Workshop 3 "VR for Design, Engineering & Manufacturing"
    The abstracts of workshops are available here.
  5. Workshops’ organisation
  6. Each workshop will be managed by a chairman and a co-chairman. The co-chairman will have an important role which is to be the reporting officer of the session. On the other hand, the chairman of each workshop has to organize his/her session according to a strict planning (full duration: 2h30) including:
    • 1 workshop introduction (3’ max)
    • 4 talks on the workshop focuses:
      • 1 Invited Keynote Speaker (35’ for the speech, 5’ for questions)
      • 2 Speakers (each one: 20’ for the speech, 5’ for questions)
      • 1 PhD speaker (15’ for the speech, 2’ for questions)
    • 1 general discussion (35’ fully managed by the chairman), which indicatively may concern:
      • Launching the definition of a new research roadmap on the topics addressed by the workshop;
      • Discuss on European calls’ opportunities, possible proposals, projects in gestation for finding partners (some preparatory material is mandatory);
      • Discussions on the topics, the objectives, the organization, the action list and agenda for eventually creating a SIG of EuroVR; and so on.
    • 1 workshop conclusion (5’) for organizing, with the co-chairman and the participants, the later one-hour meeting (cf. “Free time for workshops’ synthesis preparations”) during which the workshop reporting for the “Conclusive plenary session” will be prepared.
  7. Demo sessions
  8. The workshop sessions are sequentially organised but in parallel with three Demo sessions. It seems it was the best solution to make it possible for all participants of the meeting to follow at least two full workshop sessions, and a large part of a third one (i.e. the workshop session during which they will be a time within the EVE room for demos). Each demo session has a full duration of 2h30, but is divided in 5 demo periods of 30’ each for small groups of people (up to 6 persons). The EuroVR-EVE participants may see demos only during 1 demo period of one of the three demo sessions. They will have to book it before the meeting when filling the electronic registration form, taking also into account their main interests for the topics of the workshop sessions. The planed demos are:
    • Demo 1 "Wave Field Synthesis immersion"
    • Demo 2 "Collaborative multimodal immersion for automotive industry "
    • Demo 3 "Augmented Virtuality for multi-sensory remote driving "
    Brief demo presentations are available here.
  9. Conclusive plenary session
  10. The main goals of this ultimate session are to provide for all participants:
    • the synthesis on the activities on the 3 workshops by their associated report officers;
    • a time for a general discussion on the SIGs of EuroVR;
    • Close the EuroVR-EVE meeting.