EVE system

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The EVE system at CNRS/LIMSI (Orsay, France)
The EVE system at CNRS/LIMSI (Orsay, France)

The EVE system (acronym of Evolutive Virtual Environment) has been specified by CNRS/LIMSI and installed in 2010 by BARCO, HAPTION & ART.GmbH companies. Mainly sponsored by CNRS [1] and DIGITEO [2], it includes many original features which combination is currently unique in the world.

The EVE system and associated 3D audio platform have been designed to provide multi-user and multi-sensorimotor perceptions in a large and reconfigurable immersive Virtual Environment. Built within a large room with strict acoustical constraints, they are equipped with several multi-user 3D audio facilities (Binaural, Ambisonic, and Wave-Field Synthesis). These equipments can be connected to a set of shared or separate haptic devices.

The visual display of the EVE system is composed of several 5m-high HD screens surrounding a 13m² floor-glass screen. Stereoscopic images are retro-projected on all these screens, with each projector enclosed in specially designed acoustic casings. Three main configurations are possible:

  • a Full immersive stereoscopy or a High-definition stereoscopy, both with shutter glasses;
  • or a Double-stereoscopy based on a combination of active and passive technologies, providing an exact visual depth perception for 2 separate groups of people in order to study co-localised immersive collaborations.

[1] CNRS is the French National Center for Scientific Research

[2] DIGITEO is the first research park in Ile-de-France dedicated to information science and technology